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Skip sites with more than xx links on one page not working

project with this setting:

creates links like this:

is there any way to make it work? i dont really understand why it doesnt, but when i clicked the link, there was like 400 external links


  • SvenSven
    hmm yea I see the problem. I changed the script now for next update.
    Thanked by 1spamfromthewilds
  • It's not working for me now either. The same.
    How can I see if my version is up to date?

  • SvenSven
    This thread was more than 2 years old before you reactivated it. It's working for a long time now and always has worked.
    I guess you are using an URL of a site that is already linked on a page (like and then SER just picks this link up as verified, no matter what filter you used since it is already there.
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