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Help: How to lower IP banned gsa sere/xevil recaptcha module?

Anyone have any tip on how I can lower my IP banned on my Xevil recaptcha?  I use Xevil with my GSA SERE. Here's an snippet of what I'm talking about.  I have more "Bad" IPs and banned IPs than usual. I'm assuming I need to look for new back connect proxies... Just wondering, thanks all.


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    What backconnect proxies are you using? 

    I'm using stormproxies 
  • I'm using storm proxies too.
  • just talked to botmasters and it could be the google updates that's affecting my success rates. 
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    In the stormproxies panel are you using USA , EU or Worldwide proxies?

    Worldwide proxies setting gives less IP bans 
  • oh gotcha, I will try worldwide proxies. thank you :)
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  • You never said how many proxies you have.
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    It is mainly the Google update to RecaptchaV2. But you will need more proxies to keep up the rate as it was before, even if Xevil gets a fix.

  • I would be interested in who offers a suitable proxy service to solve the problem with the ReCaptcha update which is also fast and can handle many threads. (the problem in in both solver Xevil and capmonster).

  • Capmonster got a fix (in fact, two) and things are better. However, you'll need a lot of proxies in order to be able to solve RV2 - I think thousands? Or 200-300 at least for a decent amount of threads. I go very slow and I use a VPN, for me it's ok.
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