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Where do I find platforms that GSA-SER doesn't already have engines written for?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I am curious about writing these engine scripts.

If you don't know, SER has a scripting language GSA developed just for the task.

I've had other learning tasks ahead of this, but it seems about time I start exploring the engines.

I guess for my first try, it would be best to create an engine that already exists, and then see how close I came to doing it as it should be, since there is a guide/answer already there to check with!

But, just thinking ahead...once I am familiar with how this works, where do i source new platforms from that require a new engine? What are some methods that work to accomplish this? Thanks...

PS-- there's already  this page with links:


  • SvenSven
    added you to a private conversation where we have engines to add.
  • For ex. crawl websites looking for forms and then analyze forms.
  • Go to ahrefs. Get your competitors backlinks. Load them into SER and post to them. The ones where SER can't post the platforms you need to script :)
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