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Anyone have good advice/books/videos about getting back to people and projects?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I have become more aware of myself lately. I am writing about this on the GSA board b/c it not only affects my personal life, but how I do SEO, and related work,  as well. I know this isn't a psychology or self-help board, but

I notice I have issues with:

1. Re-starting things after I've been away from those activities for a bit.

Whether because I am busy with other work, or whatever, I find it difficult at first getting back to activities/projects/etc. I had been working on before. Everything seems overwhelming and first. After working a little bit, this usually ceases and I can get back into it. But at first, it's always there...

2. Getting back to people

The longer I wait to get back to people, the more difficult I find  doing so.  I guess I have some anxiety to start with in being social b/c even when I want to contact people, I find this difficult. And then,  if I let that feeling keep me from contacting people, I feel awkward if I haven't written/called/texted in a bit, and it becomes even more difficult. I see this is just another function of whatever affects me with issue 1, above.

Anyone have any good ideas for how to overcome this? Books to gain understanding? Anything? lol Thanks...


  • Don't worry, live your life as you want and be free. The world is doing fine on it's own, what people can create we can recreate at any given time. Don't fall into traps of your mind for your mind. There's no issue until someone sees an issue. Also, a quote nice to bring here:

    "You need to come up with entirely new toolkit or you won’t make it. Those tools exist because every subject is much easier than people who wish to make money teaching it would have you know. For every single subject that can be systematized, there is systematization that allows you to get 80% of power, with probably 5-10% of the effort, and so key question is that you have to prove that you have superpower to rearrange the subject to disintermediate people who get paid teaching it, which will always push you to mastery, which is a question of getting last 2-3% out of system. And so, the good news is you can rearrange any subject to learn most of it very very quickly. The bad news is that will feel terrible because you will be told you are doing it wrong way and dooming yourself to a life of mediocrity as a jack of many trades - master of none, but in fact problem is that jack of one trade is the connector of none. Good luck" - Erik Weinstein, 2018

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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Thanks, kindly, for your insight. :)

    I appreciate this more than you could know! :)
  • CynthiaSCynthiaS Planet Earth
    I go through the same situation when I loose the touch of work for a few weeks. I started finishing up the work before I make myself relax and that made an impact on my regular life.

    But if I haven't finished something and still need to get back with it, I force myself  at least to open up and do a little bit of fine tuning on the project. (for like 10 minutes). I do it by force and then it helps me have a rough idea where to begin next day. And wake up on another day and I get to work on a project I worked yesterday. (Sounds like cheating myself but it works for me.)

    This is my process and let me know if anyone else knows a better way to over come this situation.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    " I started finishing up the work before I make myself relax and that made an impact on my regular life."

    It's great when I can do this, but sometimes my schedule doesn't permit it and I'm abruptly taken away from work to do other work. :(

    When it comes to coding, I started meticulously commenting last January. That is great, but if I skip it in ONE module, then it's still a mess, later. Haven't worked on ANY PHP projects in a while now...

    It's great to get things done and feel relaxed after. I miss that feeling. lol :p

    "I force myself  at least to open up and do a little bit of fine tuning on the project."

    "I get to work on a project I worked yesterday."

    Brilliant strategy. I have to think about doing this. Maybe jumping right back into something isn't ever a reasonable plan?

    I 1000% appreciate these comments!!!  This is my biggest issue and it keeps me stressed and inefficient. So far, I love the replies! :):):):)
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