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CMS for Tier 1 Sites: WordPress, Static Template, or Custom?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited November 2019 in Other / Off Topic
Hope everyone is having a fun Saturday.

I had a question:

What's best to use for T1 sites ("PBNs", etc.)?

Is WordPress OK? I feel like it's overkill for some Tier 1 sites. Especially sites without much happening and no plans to really add significant new content. For sites with a lot of new content added frequently, or whatever else, sure...

Can anyone recommend a free template system to put up static sites( without so many moving parts) that isn't WordPress or other popular CMSes that are fairly large and complex?

I know WP can cache, and thus present a faster view, but I just mean a simple static page display  that has a good mobile CSS, already, like WP does, but without all the extras.

With very little going on. Maybe a site visit log. Not much else...

Is this a bad idea? If so, why?



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