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Check without Sending?...


Is there a way to check without sending? I think this would speed up things a bit more (at least for me), because sometimes I have large lists that I just want to check to find the contact form and then whenever I'm ready to send it, it would be ready to go. Sometimes I'm just not ready to check and send at the same time.

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  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Wow not sure how I missed that lol, thanks!
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Oh I know what I meant... I actually meant is there a way to Send without checking. So far I see the option to 'Check' or 'Check and Send', but no option to just Send without checking. Sometimes I already have a list of URLs with definitely contact form pages already filtered, so I do not need to have the software spend time checking them again.
  • Go to project inside will see skip sublink parshing for contact forms
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Ok thank will test that. Also, what if I have a large list where some of the sites have been checked by GSA for the contact form, and some of them haven't. In that situation, how do I get the software to skip over checking the links that already have been checked and just send them straight away - while only doing a check when it comes across sites in the list that haven't been checked yet?
  • SvenSven
    handled automatically.
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    So I don't need to check the box where it says "skip sublink parshing for contact forms"? If not, then what is that for?
  • SvenSven
    this will be used once the imported link looks like a contact-form ... its only ignoring this option once the root url is found and no form on it.
  • CyberwebbyCyberwebby
    Ok I see, so best to leave it checked to cover all situations, right?
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