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Few updates suggestions

Hi! I have few suggestions if added to ser , they will be too much helpful
1) Select verified links based on country. 
Project->right click->show urls->verified->select->links based on country
2)Export unused accounts from projects.
If we upload accounts to a project and run the project but decide to stop the project before all the accounts gets processed. So the leftover accounts can be exported and used in the same or in any other project. It helps in lots of ways. First all of the accounts will be used evenly . Links overwriting will be avoided. Same accounts getting used again quickly can lead to deletions.
3). Add engines selection so that selected engines verified links from the project can only be added,

I hope these can be worked out. Hoping for the best.
Thanks again,


  • SvenSven
    1. added for next update
    2. Thats basically the account export with just "[x] failed URLs" ... i will however update the label here
    3. i guess i can add that as well
    Thanked by 1AsimNawaz
  • Accounts that are used by ser and failed to login are failed accounts.
    Accounts that are imported to projects but never got the chance to try to logged in are unused accounts.
    Is this so ? Looks like a confusion
  • SvenSven
    well if an account is unused (not in verified/submitted) it's supposed to be either failed before or unused.
  • SvenSven
    3. added for next update
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