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How Can I Study A Site To See Why It''s Lost Ranking?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited November 2019 in Other / Off Topic
Hello, GSA pplz...

I have a question...I recently checked on SEMRush and found a site I have slowly been building up with content went from 7000 keywords on Google SERPs to only 100 in September. I hadn't even monetized the site; it's just been sitting there growing in size, content-wise.

What are some reasons this could have happened? I actually want to know ALL the possible reasons, really.

What can make a site tank suddenly?? Any brief list would be good, even a link to external sources. Anything would be appreciated.

For those that care to know, I'm at the point where I no longer wish to play guessing games with ranking.  I've been doing this way too long, I want to finally get serious about the science of SEO. This is an algorithmic reality, and I have been ignoring what I need to know since I began this work.

Thanks for any members on Sven's board who help me out. I am asking here and not on BHW b/c I stopped using sites like that b/c I've consistently found the users here are more astute. True; there are more users on BHW in total, but this discussion board is more serious, and those regulars I've seen on here over the years are more  knowledgeable than any SEO person, anywhere. Such sites as those have their place, and I should be more sociable, but I now find the discussions limited.


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