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Custom message logs

We could really use custom message logs, in 2 formats, failed and success, for example:


custom failed1=Cannot register on this page
custom failed1 condition=You cannot register

custom success1=Already logged in
custom success1 condition=>Logout<


  • SvenSven
    maybe even better if you can define it like...

    submit success=>Logout<[!]Already logged in

    Maybe some other separator than [!] but that way you can make it more readable.
  • To make it really readable we should use new lines and message should be first, first "|" could be a separator. And the variables like %login% should be resolved.

    submit success start
    Already logged in|>logout<|class="logout"
    Cannot register|>reg_not_possible|class="no-reg"
    submit success end

  • SvenSven
    thats not following the ini definition really (var=content).
  • Ok i thought we can do that. I guess this can work still, using | as it never caused but [!] looks fine too. I would really like to keep it separated beacuse its nice and clean.

    submit success= (is it 0 or 1?)
    submit success1=Registered|welcome %login%
    submit success2=Logged in|>logout<|class="logout"
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