I think I got sandboxed

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5 days a go i lunched a GSA campaign.
PR domain >1

The site have 10 pages so i told GSA to verify 5 links a page a day (50 verified links a days in total).
from day 2 the site got sandboxed.
Is this normal ?
Do i need to stop ?

Is this ever happened to you ?
Please advice..



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    If you go to google and type in site:yourdomain.com is it still there?

    It could just be dancing.
  • it is still there mate.
    What do you guys think ?
  • Give it a little time. Just wondering, how many different anchors did you use?
  • %33 anchor (with variations)
    %33 URL
    $34 general
  • lol? why you make a statement from 1 day results? why you say your site is sandboxed? you know what is that?
    you didn't give enough information, your site was ranking before using SER?
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    5 Days?  Sounds like your site it's just dancing

  • Accepted Answer
    well 50 spammy viagra-blog comments sure could do that...
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    rodol  - it want ranked  but the webmaster tools showed quires - the second day of running gsa the quires  dropped to ZERO.

    thisisalex - do you think i should stop the blog commenting ?
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