Should each and every link SER makes be sent to either GSA SEO Indexer or Indexing Service via API?

I am, as usual, trying to refine my efforts. Recently, I've been making some headway in this regard. :)

My big question I've been wanting to ask: Does every link SER makes require indexing?

I presently use GSA SEO Indexer, but not on EVERY project. Am I wasting efforts in not using either this program or an external indexer? Could I be getting more out of my linking with SER if I did index EVERY link?

Thanks, kindly, for any info...!


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well you can use tiers to the created links and hope they index with that. I would also skip certain types (option at the bottom) where it makes little sense to index it.

    Anyway that new option, to send the verified links to the indexer a couple of days later should lower resources as it would skip links being down (use re-verification).
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    Accepted Answer
    It all depends on what content you put out but there is little chance for spam SER links getting indexed without building links to them. If you build quality links on quality sites those may not need to be indexed but that's a different story.

    Not every SER link survives. Some die hours after being created. Those shouldn't be sent anywhere. The new option Sven is talking about is your best buddy in this.
  • Accepted Answer
    Agree with the comments already posted. If you do not post your links to an index service, they 99% will never be indexed. Personally I would not index garbage links as they have no value to begin with and will drop off the index very quickly, so it is a waste of your resources. Good content on good sites are absolutely worth indexing. And, not all index services are worth the cost. 
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