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Do These TANK Rankings? (Adsense, Analytics, Web Tools, Apps)

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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I have a number of these T1 profiles that we manually created and maintain and add manual articles to. I have one adsense account that I use on all these T1's across multiple websites and across multiple Web2.0's. 

Is this a big no no?

It just seems to me that it must be an easy for Google track things since it's the same adsense account? 

Also - for projects within a group I use the same email to access them. Could this be a problem?


  • Just be careful the way you use adsense.  I remember about 2 years ago.   I had around 100-200 websites that all got tanked.   There was no update or anything.   The only thing that I did was add adsense onto them.   And it was doing ok around 100-200 per day.   Than all of a sudden with no reason at all  they all dropped off like a rock.  It was actually a huge blow to my income but not just because of the adsense money but also lost of revenue from CPA stuff.   Either way I learned to never put anything google on my sites again.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    edited March 2013
    @hunar - thanks for sharing. "they all dropped off like a rock" - sounds like what I'm experiencing!

    I wonder if this could be the cause of my problems. 

    I use adsense on my various websites, as well as analytics. I also use Google gears on all my sites. 

    FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CAN'T WORK OUT WHY GOOGLE HATES MY SITES! I've spent 4 months trying to solve this...

    What happens when you remove the adsense? 

    Also - can anyone back this up in any way...just a lot of work to remove all this stuff. 
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    When this happened to me.  I spent months trying to recover all these sites and it got me nowhere.  Not one site came back.   Than I talked to a competitor of mine and he actually just told me to forget about them work on new ones.    IT was kind of a eye opener and changed the way I do things forever     As soon as I started new Sites income was flown in again. 

    Of course if you've spent months and a lot of money/time building these sites Not sure what to tell ya  that sucks.  The only way i've ever been able to get a site outta being penalized was spamming the heck outta it with general anchor text. 

  • I don't touch any G products with a barge pole especially analytics and gmail. Once heard they monitor emails for things like paypal receipts for seo tools like senukex, MS etc. plus they can monitor all of the sites you own in your emails LOL
  • I dont get why you want to try to make 5 bucks a year with BUFFERsites??
  • Your adsense ID is basically a footprint.  You start throwing those on Web 2.0's Sites etc.   Pretty obvious imo.
  • @hunar . yepp...... sometime ago (i miss that engines.....) there was a engine that could search for the GA-code!!!

    So it was VERY easy to see what your competitios were doing somewere else.....

    something called like gasearch or so..... dont remember.
  • Yep, I know exactly which engine you are talking about cause I used to look at it all the time to see what kind of sites my competitors had when I was in the adsense game. ;)

  • Have you guys tried reverseinternet to track competitors on adsense/analytics/clickbank, etc.?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    edited March 2013
    @Hunar - spent about 1 year and a lot of resources building the sites up. Not really an option to scrap them. Good quality sites, unique content...the works. 

    So there has to be a solution...

    May I ask what you tried to get them to recover?

    Also do you use G webmaster tools?

    @thisisalex - not trying to make $5/year with buffer sites. I basically plan to get my site to position one and my web2.0's to take over positions 5 to 10 on the SE's, so might as well monetise them. I have others that exist to boost rankings only. These manual web2.0's are funnel sites to get visitors into buying mode. 

    To isolate the problem do you think it is the Adsense or Google analytics that causes the issue?

    I have my doubts about this because:
    1) Let's say I manage many clients websites. As a result all the clients sites will get penalised because I use an analytics account? If this was so, I'd guess most people would have dropped G analytics long ago.
    2) With Adsense - as per pt 1. 

    What am I missing?
  • If you use Adsense / PPC its one of the WORST monitisation you can do........ I started monetising all my blogs two years ago.. tested A LOT with adsense, clickbank, amazon, newsletter opt ins, CPA.........

    no, I would not do it..... at the smallest, I would put a "buy this related product" TEXTLINK to amazon below it..

    in the end, I only use adsense for my general blogs. for the rest amazon, and where I can find a good product clickbank
  • I went through everything you are doing Alex.  Forget adsense,  You make so much with CPA, Or Clickbank or Comission Junction.   I even went for a while having adsense  + CPA You'd figure more income could come in right?  Nope..  The Adsense steal the clicks away from the CPA and drops conversion rates.   Since i've gotten rid of Adsense my conversion rates are pretty consistent at 7-15%  With a EPC of at least $1.50.   
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Hunar - Thanks for the insights. 

    So drop adsense...but how to get the rankings back...that's the big concern here! Any tips?
  • Yeah, I wish I knew what to tell you about that.  I hope your able to find a answer.  ;(
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Check out:

    OR this 

    For some very interesting reading on it. 

    @Hunar - what basic stats can I provide to rule out an incorrect link ratio? Was thinking maybe deep to homepage links? Anchor text distribution? Etc?
  • Well,  To be honest I wouldn't know.  It's been so long since I've done any site that had more than 2 posts/Pages.  I've also gone by the theory that if G slaps a site I'll just build a new one. 

    So maybe one of the guys who does do bigger type sites can chime in here.
  • Hunar, are you finding these two page sites just as easy to rank as bigger ones?

    I want to sort of adopt your method and ramp up the amount of sites I am building which is not possible with high quality sites with lots of pages.

    Also, what are you building them with (wordpress etc?), it takes me quite a while to set up a wordpress site and the theme etc etc. Are you worried about the design at all or just slapping them up with the same theme over and over?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Velocity - how many sites are you managing and roughly how many pages each? 
  • Got a whole bunch really - some have 20+ pages but most are around 5-10. Nothing huge but I have not tried any under 5 pages.
  • velocity, to be honest.. if it takes you more than 5 minutes to setup a WP blog, you shoul either have more routine or switch provider.........

    dont worry about themes. I got 20 websites, 18 use twenty ten ;-) . I just change the header from blog to blog (but thats more for me to differentia them )

    I am now following hunars footsteps, building smaler staple site with 3-7 pages. and if a site does not work, build a new one...

    this "authority site " concept. HONEST, anyone here using automatic link building, thats not us..

  • Yeah, I think you might be right. Nothing wrong with twenty ten, I have used it before. Was just trying to make the sites a little bit better using more advanced themes, but, they are so complicated (I am not a coder) and often go wrong!

    Maybe I should just stick the basics for now!
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