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Speed filter

Hi Sven,
I'm a bit confused with the speed filter at the export tab. Mainly because I get some proxies that are 15s and I only want them to be 1.5s or less. I use proxy scraper to export proxies into a file and seo indexer to pick them up from that file only. In seo indexer I have timeout set to 1.  I'm aware that a lot could happen during these times with public proxies but I'm not even sure that my settings are correct. Also I'm confused about what the help window says at PS speed filter as 0.300ms is 0.0003s

So, in the pop up window of automatic proxy export at the speed filter field what I have to write to get only proxies that are 1.5s or faster?
Also can I use decimals like 1.5 for timeout in seo proxy and the rest of the similar proxy scraper windows?



  • SvenSven
    speed is in both programs in 0,001s means 1ms. If you want to export fast proxies, you should set that filter to something like 0.1 or even 0.2 which is considered to be fast (at least in my eyes). Everything above is probably slowing down things.

    Anyway, thanks for the note, that the hint on SER's proxy scraper should be "Seconds" and not "mseconds".
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  • Thanks for clearing things up for me!
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