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Default content in spanish

I really appreciate your work with all the GSA updates. I have found your software very useful, so I would like to give you some suggestions to make it even better. I am thinking that it would be nice to have default content (in spintax format) in other languages as we have in English. It would be awesome if you could include default content in Spanish, and maybe in French and German, which are three languages with a huge presence out there.

Thank you in advance and congratulations for GSA, it works like a charm.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Rather write your own content. It will leave less of a footprint and stick better. I'd rather have Sven focus on core features. 
  • Sure AlexR, you are right, but I am thinking on a way to attract even more customers, specially from the spanish-speaking countries, which are really a lot. I am currently working on a spanish version of that default content so maybe I could send it to Sven if it is useful to include it.
  • @Peisithanatos - I would be interested in taking a look at your default content (if you are interested in sharing). I just created a website for a Spanish search term, and am wanting to start a SER project for it, but I don't know Spanish.

    Anyone have any ideas/opinions/suggestions about using English content, but throwing in links and anchor text for Spanish search terms?
  • +1 Sven staying focused core features

    -1 alternative language tools for spinning in GSA

    Wiser to spin your own stuff using external tools that are purpose built as GSA is a brilliant link tool
    as it should be and doesn't need any more additions at the level of spinning alternative language content.

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