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Question pre-buy GSA Website Contact

my goal is to send emails to thousands of french websites owners.
I've bought GSA SER (fulltime licence) several years ago (perhaps 4 or 5 years ago). I would like to know if I need to buy "GSA Website Contact" if I've bought GSA SER please.
Moreover, I read in this forum that send spin email is not very powerfull in order to don't be in SPAM box.
I think I will spin the subject and the content of the email I want to send and try to send emails as slow as possible. Something like 500 emails sent every day. Do you think it's a good amount of emails per day ?
I need to put not a link, but an adress of a website in my emails. So I can of course insert in the content of the mail : or or or TheNameOfMyWesite or use URL shoters or use others URLs of websites pages with a redirect to my "real" website.
What do you think about it ?
Do you know a good service that rent proxies specially to send emails (that have IP which are not flaged as SPAM) ?
Can create template in order to the bot learn how to send email with "contact form 7" on Wordpress for example ?
Thank you :)


  • SvenSven
    1. Of course you need to buy this new product even if you bought SER before. It's a completely new product.
    2. See this tutorials:
  • frankou45frankou45 France
    edited October 2019
    Hello Sven, thank you for your answer.
    It's a really good thing that your software can detect if the website target is french or not :) ! Thank you
    About the contact forms that your software can handle. Can we have a list of Wordpress plugins and other CMS contact forms please ?

  • frankou45frankou45 France
    edited October 2019
    I've tested the trial version of GSA Website Contact and it seems that it doesn't detect the CMS : Prestashop ( that is very used in France in order to create a e-commerce. Could you please confirm ?

  • SvenSven
    the software was build to handle everything ... I didn't train it for particular forms or plugins.
    give me a sample site that uses this one.
  • No problem. I've sent you a PM with several URL of website using the CMS Prestashop ;)
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