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GSAser and Content Generator for tier building

Just a quick one peeps, I have set up my tier one with content from CG it has the url of my Tier 1 site when I make a Tier 2 from the the Tier 1 project do I need to copy the CG articles and leave out the main url and use GSA itself to insert the links to the tier 2's ? I know GSA when it makes a tier it points to the tier above what I dont want is it pointing to what the tier 1 is pointing to.

Confused lol :)


  • SvenSven
    Adding an URL to the article for tier2+ is of course not possible as you don't know the URL. However, you can use macros instead of the real URL like %url% and SER will place the link there.
  • Hi Sven 0/ thanks for replying ;
    What I was trying to find out is, should I leave the url out of the articles that I generate for tier building in content generator and let GSA insert them instead ?
  • SvenSven
    Either that, or use %url% instead of a real URL in GSA Content Generator.
  • Awe awesome source cheers :)
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