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SER sometimes requires "two clicks" to bring window to front

edited October 2019 in Bugs
Hi @sven, a bug I've noticed since have been using SER a lot lately. In Windows 7 (possibly Windows 10 as well), SER requires "two clicks" when you have a project running and navigate away from the SER window.

To re-create the bug:

- Open SER
- Start a project (make active)
- Click to another taskbar program, for example, Excel
- Wait a while, don't click on SER immediately after
- Click on SER icon in the taskbar
- SER doesn't recognize the click, the window does not open
- Click SER taskbar icon again and it will show properly

This is a small but really annoying issue as when a program is clicked you would expect it to appear accordingly. It could be a Windows problem, but I've never encountered this with any other program besides SER.

Update: I actually just had this issue without an active project. Does SER have some sort of "sleep mode" that requires 2 clicks to re-open the window after you haven't clicked it in the while or something?


  • SvenSven
    hmm no sleep mode. I have never heard of this before. I also have no problems on Windows 8.

    Does anyone have issues?
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