Indexing Issues

Hi guys,
i buy Elitelinkindexer to index my links i create with GSA but for some reason i can't see any link yet on my Elitelinkindexer  dashboard....
I add Elitelinkindexer API on Options-Indexer-add and choose indexing within 5 days.
I try also the "test" option and it sends 10 links to my Elitelinkindexer  dashboard.
However from all my projects i didn't get not even 1 link there. ..on my projects i go to option and choose on "Send verified links to..." both options - GSA SEO Indexer and Other Indexer(s).
WHay my links are not appearing on my Elitelinkindexer  dashboard? I make the setup 48 hours now but no link is visible yet.
Do i forget to choose some option?



  • SvenSven
    do you use the option to index delayed or instantly?
  • No, i didn't choose that option. Anyway, i also talk with Elitelinkindexer and they ask me to un-click the option "GSA SEO Indexer" on each project.
    I do that on some campaigns and it works! they start sending some first links to Elitelinkindexer.
    Is there any way to use both or is there some issue sending them to both services?
  • SvenSven
    Im not aware that there is some issue here but I will look into it once im back in office (next Monday).
  • Ok Sven! Thanks for your help!

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