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Content Generator: Scrape all Articles from a custom domain

Hey guys,
is that possible to scrape all Articles from a domain? I tried the search function, but i cant find a answer that can help me.

What i try to do:

i have a domain with 150 articles. I want to insert the domain.tld to scrape with the content generator all of these articles from all urls.

Can anyone help me with that problem?

Thanks a lot!


  • SvenSven
    just add it as custom source
  • I tried that. But i get the Message: Sorry, not enough content to create any article. Try to select more sources or use more keywords.
  • Isnt it posssible to scrape without enter a keyword? i selected 129 sources for that. but it didnt extract that content fro mthe page
  • SvenSven
    can you paste some log lines when scraping your custom source site? Or paste some screenshot on how you configured it.
  • Hi @Sven

    I'm interested in this too.

    What exactly would be the process?  When I create a GSC project it asks me to enter at least one keyword.

    My process is as follows:

    I create a project
    I enter any keyword
    I add the source (s) and set them as extract
    In output I choose "same article" and in "number of words" I set it from 10-20000

    And the error it gives me is: sorry not enough content to create any article
  • i worked with entereing with some keywords, like words for a question: What can, what is, what about.

    Phrases for Homeimprovement
  • @przamunda

    "In output I choose "same article" and in "number of words" I set it from 10-20000 "

    I think 20000 is too much set it on 150-300 and test again
  • SvenSven
    Algorithm: "Same Article"
    Number of Words: 1-100000 (to get all, long or short articles)
    Keyword: Use related keywords or at least some conman words like "and" "or" "a"...
  • I've tried it but it doesn't work very well. The workaround that is working for me is to scrape the sitemap from the page I want to use as source and use the extracted pages as sources.

    Maybe an idea would be to be able to add sitemaps as sources.
  • SvenSven
    Well I don't know the structure of the site, but maybe it is having articles away on to many sublink-clicks?
  • @tanuki, thanks for your input :-)

    @Sven I DM them to you
  • Sorry for digging out this old thread but I am trying to archive the same at the moment.

    The idea to have the sitemap as a custom source would be awesome. Just that GSA then scrapes the articles on the sitemap, does not leave the site and no keywords are needed. Just plain downloading articles. 
  • SvenSven
    Thats already working. GSA Content Generator can use your sitemap or rss-feed URL as source. It would go through that structure and extract link to parse them for articles.
  • Ok cool, will try that out. As keywords I would put a list of keywords (lets say in German) that are included in every article ever and it would download them?

  • SvenSven
    yes that would work. Though you would still get "articles" that might not be related at all.
  • Larus123Larus123 Germany
    edited October 2022
    push this topic again. What would be the Setting for use of Keyword and Output. The Tool quiet offen Scrape Thoussands of article i can See That it Count the Chars.but then no article was created. I.e used List of keywords like Stop Word List and Numbers Domain Name Keyword List from Scrape. But only Ende up with 0 or small  no. Of article even when 50k URLs are used in Custom source. I want 100% copy or Text as i will Paraphrase and summarize with other Tool.
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