GSA OJS Engine need to fix

The OJS platform produces very powerful backlinks. This is because most OJS platforms are related to education.
However, the GSA relies heavily on OJS platform "articles". However, an important backlink is a "profile backlink".
OJS Profile Backlinks are permanent backlinks. OJS profile backlinks can be created in Bio statements during profile creation. But, When you create a profile using the GSA, the profile is created without recognizing the Ahref link.
This is because the OJS platform can only enter Ahrefs by pressing the HTML button on the Bio statement.
Perhaps the GSA enters "about me" as it is in the Bio statement. This needs improvement.
If this is improved, the GSA will be a very powerful tool.
This is because most backlink generators cannot find the url of your OJS profile.
Complementing this part, GSA will be a powerful backlink generation tool.
Can you reflect it in the update?


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    can you share an account in pm where i can debug this on?
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