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Captcha Services with GSA SER

I started using (again) GSA SER recently, set-up 6 campaigns. Using the Captcha Breaker and 2captcha as captcha services.
However, the balance of 2captcha seems to be gone very quickly. In fact, I spend $50 a day for 2captcha only for 6 campaigns.
Can someone recommend me a captcha service I can use in-between the two mentioned above?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2019

    There are lots of external API-based services, like you probably see on the list Sven provided you with via the link above.

    Of course, cost is an issue, so you can check the prices on them as well with that resource page. ;)

    I haven't tried all the external captcha solver options, but I have tried some.

    I'd suggest making an account on a few services and seeing how well they do to solve everything you throw at them. I'd guess what is best for you will depend on which engines you're using in your projects, because different platforms rely on different captchas.

    You  may want a mix of fixed prices and per-captcha based billing, too. Between Captcha Breaker and the fixed prices services, that will leave far fewer for the per-solve-priced services.

    The fixed solvers are NOT providing a  price for "unlimited" solves. Rather, there are limits, usually, based on the number of threads you can use simultaneously. Some set daily limits.

    So you can try setting up something like this:

    1. GSA-CB
    2. FIXED A
    3. FIXED B
    4. Per-CAPTCHA D
    5. Per-CAPTCHA E
    6. Per-CAPTCHA F (2 captcha)

    Click on the Captcha Info pane at the bottom of the GSA-SER main screen.

    That will bring up the statistics, including each service, number of both successes, fails, and wrongs, as well as success ratio and average time to solve.

    (You can save that data by clicking the SAVE button, bottom, left in that popup window.)
  • Thanks, @Sven I will have a look.

    Thank you @Deeeeeeee for your answer. I'm familiar with how fixed-price captcha solvers work. In fact, I have used some of them 2-3 years ago, such as "Reverse Proxies OCR" and "Blazing OCR".

    Do you have some experience in using some of the services Sven provided above? I need a good solution since I have 4 GSA SER + CB licenses and I intend to create a lot of campaigns.

    Trying and testing each one of them is also an option, however, the last one since I am short of time these days :)
    If anyone has experience with these captcha solving services, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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