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captcha problems

Hi all!

I've had good results with GSA, but the captcha costs are simply... annoying. Since I mostly use engines that have recaptcha1 or 2 and other types of hard to solve captchas, using GSA CB is kind of limited. I only use it for blog comments.

In-content links, like articles etc require using 2captcha (or other service). I use 2captcha and it's not cheap. It's not really profitable in the end, as opposed to buying articles on PBNs.

So the obvious question to ask (and please Sven don't get mad): is xEvil any good? At least for recaptcha v1. I am not interested in xrumer.

I have installed the xEvil demo and it was absolutely fabulous in solving captchas. On the other hand, if it is such an amazing software, all people should be using it. But it's not like that.

I want to know, if possible, an honest opinion from someone who uses xEvil.

Thank you!


  • SvenSven
    xevil is good on recaptcha v2/nocaptcha, its bad for anything else. Especially as it often crashes and uses javascript / real browser engine to solve recaptcha.

    recaptcha v1 is no more btw.
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  • I meant KCaptcha 1.x and Recaptcha V2, sorry
  • Capmonster is any good?
  • I've opened a thread about the same issue (almost at the same time as you did).
    Either 2captcha is becoming way too expensive (which I doubt so since the price/1000 captchas are almost the same as it was 2 years ago), or all the website use Recaptcha.
    Will wait for some answers here as well. 
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    I've been testing Capmonster for the last 12 hours and it's OK (not great) with ReCaptcha.

    Since I don't need/want Xrumer, Capmonster is the next logical choice. It works well on I7 with 8GB RAM.
    It should be good when you have 300k Drupal blogs, 90% of them having Recaptcha and you need to register on every site in order to see if it works or not.

    GSA Captcha Breaker is surely the best choice for all normal captchas.

    I will repost on Verified sites by using 2captcha only.
  • Aleksandrius, I have decided to go with Capmonster for Recaptcha and for normal captchas I will mix something with GSA CB and 2captcha.

    Capmonster (with the crucial Recaptcha2sitekey addon) is $10/month (plus the software which is billed annually).

    They forget to mention that on the product page.
  • Sven said:
    xevil is good on recaptcha v2/nocaptcha, its bad for anything else. Especially as it often crashes and uses javascript / real browser engine to solve recaptcha.

    recaptcha v1 is no more btw.
    Im sorry to say that but i have to disagree :( While the Xrumer/Xevil have really bad support, bad community, and they give respect only to Russian customers, Xevil is still solid for all kind of captchas. The best setup is CB + Xevil while CB solves only 90% recognition + and Xevil solves whats left. 

    Back to the OP your captcha setup is really important here (how you setup captcha services in SER)? 
  • It depends a lot on the engines used.

    For sorting good and bad in-content sites (articles), I use: Capmonster for Recaptcha2 and 2captcha to be sure I catch all complicated captchas CB can't solve.

    If I'm looking for comments, social networks, guestbooks, social bookmarks or some forums, I will use CapMonster for Recaptcha, CB and then 2captcha, with TextCaptchaSolver for questions.

    When I post my links, I always use only 2Captcha for Articles, while Tier 2-3 blog comments and others can work well with CB and 2captcha, and even with CB only.

    So far (since yesterday, in fact) I am doing pretty good with CapMonster for Recaptcha only. The strange thing with this piece of software is that is gives childish errors on pretty simple captchas, then it solves a complex one. This is why I am keeping it for Recaptcha only.

  • I remember purchasing the Zennoposter from these guys and it was horrifying. So I promised - never again!
    This leaves me wandering the forums and searching for the best option on my own I guess. :)
  • I guess Xevil is the next option for Recaptcha.
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