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Managing Multiple WordPress Installation

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I heard of some of you having 3 figure Domains/Websites.

How do you manage those in case of updates of WordPress or Plugins?

Do you know of any Tool to support this without using WordPress MU?


  • pclwebpclweb UK
    edited March 2013
    best script to manage all wordpress blogs is InfiniteWP. It can update all wordpress core/plugins/themes in one click :)

    oh and its free
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    Another one is wpdesktop. Allows you to install theme/plugins in batch, upgrade wordpress sites in batch, post articles in batch, even install & configure multiple blogs etc etc
  • Sick just came out with SickNetwork. It's beta, but it works well, one time fee and admins are quick to respond. Easily manage tons of different WP sites. I'm managing over 30 different sites with it and happy.
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    when i checked infiniteWP its NOT free. go to the addons page to see what it does not do in free and what they cost.

    New soft coming out exactly for this, search for sicknetwork looks promising and one time fee..
  • pclwebpclweb UK
    edited March 2013
    @squirrelhunter infinitewp is free for doing what @thisisalex asked which was to manage updates to wordpress core and plugins. of course the addons are extra but they are not really needed anyway. its been a lifesaver for me especially when it emails me with notifications of updates needed. :)
  • great....... "social asking" is sometimes better than wasteful research in google... you just have to balance it....

    thank you. will test infinitewp

    I dont want to go WP MU cause of security reasons atm.  and I am close to 20 blogs/ staple sites, have to find some better way than to click "20x" update plugins.....

    price should be reasonable.....

  • cmscommander.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    I use WP Manage - allows you to manage multile WP sites rom one controll panel - I been with them for over a year and never had problems :
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Using InfiniteWP and happy, but can't get backup module to work. 

    Anybody else using the Sick tool?
  • ok, this shocked me to reconsider using IWP when I have to manage 100 websites...
  • once installed its working! ;-)

    but momently i am trying sick-network out, 50 bucks one-time payment, in beta, they are updating it every 2 days...momently satisfied with it, once installed full controll over all the blogs, =)

    have anyone tried it also?
  • na. no money back, no trial.
  • InfiniteWP is free, except if you want to install add-on. And you only have to install once.

    I have to admit, the basic functionality is quite limiting though.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I used to use this service. I discovered addons are up front fees, but then a 50% of them again each year. This gets a little pricey. 

    Currently beta testing the Sick plugin and it looks great. 

    I'm requesting a feature that allows you to do ANY plugin edit across any sites on the network. I.e. if you have 100 sites, and want to edit a setting on any plugin on all 100 sites, I am requesting a feature to be able to do so...if this is added, it will be amazing!!!
  • tried to install InfiniteWP some days ago ad midnight... all this DB password, user, login stuff got me pissed and I bought sicknetwork.

    15 min later I got all my blogs loaded and ready to go.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Using Sick. Works nicely and has a lot more potential. 
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