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MY LMP is bascially 2 after buying a list and importing list?

i have pause of 7 seconds between 8 proxies that are private, what can i check or do to increase the SPEED


  • With the title i am pretty sure you are new to GSA SER.  When come to LPM there is not direct connection with lpm. You should scrape or buy a list not only to boost lpm. LPM stands for links per min.Which means how much you are going to submit per minute. (which is not important at all) Why are you trying to incresae ? Do you really have a strategy to follow up ?

    Now back to your question. I don't think that you can do a think with 7seconds interval and proxies.

    If you want load of lpm checkout thread count ..lower your html count and loads of blazing fast proxies witll do the trick. Ah if you are using 3r party captcha solvers just disable it. it helps to eat out your resources and hit the lpm.

    Nowdays i feel sad when reading threads as many users thinking those metrics without the real meaning of it.

    GSA search engine ranker is a good poster. Treat it and use it wisely! GL!
  • CynthiaSCynthiaS Planet Earth
    Try renewing proxies?
  • fredjohn5fredjohn5 London, UK
    freshness of the proxies is my recipe for a higher lpm

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