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Who is the best SER list provider?

Im sick of scraping for junk.

is legit?> i see the on the banner, can i cancel anytime, i see monthly but i dont want to get locked into anything.


  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    I haven't tried a lot of lists services here and I'm not a hardcore user of SER. I prefer serverifiedlists. It's been working out for me ever since.
  • Yes, they are as legit as they come! I've been a member since 2016 and have not regretted it once. The support is excellent and they constantly update the list. I have not tried any other list providers as I have been 100% satisfied with SERverifieds.
  • I have been subscribing and using serveirfiedlists/serpowerlists for a long time. If you are looking for a cheap solution go with linkplugs. I recently started using their identified links and decent if you are not willing to pay verified lists but still want to quit scraping like me.
  • I have been using serverifiedlists time to time and of course like most product creators do you can cancel future payments inside your paypal.

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