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Best Generic Email Providers For GSA SER - Better and Much real than catchalls

Hello GSA fellas :)

I am back to start my GSA camping arsenal and seems there is nothing much have not been new changes.(from last 3 years ).

I installed my GSA SER + GSA CB + Capmonster + SER Verified Lists in my VPS.

I also purchased semi 100 private proxies from buyproxies + catchall emails (seremails)

Few days of running i could manage decent contextual links and do follows for my proeject.  Pretty decent lpm and vpm. But i still belive i can make alot more if i use real emails like yahoo. gmail etc.

I used to use nokia and seems the provider is quit it. .

Any ideas using real emails with GSA SER ? Any good providers ?

I know its a mess but it really worth..

Don't you guys using gmails hotmails with serengines ? anyone guys ?


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