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GSA consume paid captcha service very fast?

I tried using imagetyperz & 2captcha with gsa, although in GSA captcha option stated that it only spend little money, but the actual fact is when I check balance, it consumed 6x to 7x more than reported in GSA captcha option -

Both captcha services is facing the same issue. Gsa said only spend little, but checking the balance, it's consuming much more than GSA reported. I do not have other service using the paid captcha service when testing it with GSA.


  • I am not going to give you a good input in this issue as i just started back in 2017. But i have faced somthing like this and that was not GSA issue.  Checkout how many submissions per day and how much hard captchas you were cracking.

    Experinced only with 2captchas nothing else :)
  • SvenSven
    @yc123 Thats because the failed calls are not counted...I don't know why there are so many failed submissions. A failed submission is counted once there is no reply, a timeout or other error.
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