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CAPTCHAs.IO Reseller - Start Your OWN CAPTCHA Business!


The Reseller API is a RestFul Web Service API that serves users for white-labelling CAPTCHAs.IO offered services. The API offers methods that provides a way for our services to be catered to resellers wanting to offer CAPTCHA solving service to end-users at their own logo.


  1. CAPTCHAs.IO Reseller Account - Register and create an account at .

  2. - is free to join and a very convenient payment solution.


  1. Pay as you go payment scheme.

  2. Unlimited daily solving.

  3. Base price rate is $1.4 per 1000.

  4. Supports image, reCAPTCHA, and audio captchas.

Complete CAPTCHA Solving Service Website

We can create for you a complete CAPTCHA solving web service website solution that accepts customers and has its very own API. Please email or contact Glenn through skype: isnare.glenn


  • hCAPTCHA now added...
  • any coupon ?

  • Sorry we do not have any coupons.. And below is the new information about the Resellers service!

    CAPTCHAs.IO Resellers

    White-label CAPTCHA solving API web service provider in the Internet market. Affordable pay as you go payment scheme with no monthly charges. Solving 100,000+ Image captchas, hCAPTCHA, reCAPTCHAs and also Audio captchas.

    How it Works?

    Fun Facts! Well, it is very simple and easy. You sign-up with us and load or top-up your account with USD credits and you get to use our Reseller API. This reseller API is a very easy to use API to handle Customer Accounts, Payments, and CAPTCHA Solving operations.

    Step by step guide on how to be a Reseller!
    1. Create a Reseller account with us here [].
    2. Top-up your Reseller account with USD credits.
    3. Implement our Reseller API documented here []. Or download and install and customize our AutoCAPTCHAs PHP+MySQL web application here [].
    4. Inform us about your new Reseller website so we can promote it here at our Resellers' portal.
    Base price rate is:
    hCAPTCHA: $1 per 1000 solves.
    reCAPTCHA: $1 per 1000 solves.
    Image: $0.5 per 1000 solves.
    Audio: $0.7 per 1000 solves.

    Become a Reseller now! []

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