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I have a problem for recaptcha

sayenasayena Sweden
edited May 2021 in Need Help
I don't know how to pass the special kind of recaptcha.
 It says enter text only if you are not human !

Please help me


  • SvenSven
    please make a screenshot.
    Thanked by 1sayena
  • sayenasayena Sweden

  • sayenasayena Sweden
    This is my problem
  • SvenSven
    That screenshot doesn't show a recaptcha problem but more a manual input to a field that couldn't be filled automatically.
    In project options you can define what to do with such data. It is currently set to "ASK USER". Set that to "RANDOM".
    If this is however some text-captcha thing, you need to turn off "Manual Input" in captcha settings or add a service being able to solve this.
    Thanked by 1sayena
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