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How can I do ? this ?

I want Forum Profil Backlink Just 5000 Verified ?
I want Article 5000 Verified ?
I want Blog Commend 5000 Verified.

I want different for different projects separately
Please help me :S Im bored 10 days :SSS !!
I watch videos all the time but I can't
I have verified list 2x
I have gsa captcha breaker
Bla bla bla all I have but I cant :S plsssssssss 


  • SvenSven
    Bla bla bla
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  • BaybarsBaybars usa
    edited September 2019
    Can u help me ?
  • hahaha bla bla bla
  • @andrzejek It's not funny how old are you 3 ?
  • Baybars said:
    @andrzejek It's not funny how old are you 3 ?
    The kid in me is still alive, but the point is you said bla bla bla in your post making it sound really bad, we can help if you provide some usefull informations, but if you write bla bla bla thats what you get. People like Sven constantly answer and try their best even to stupid questions so please give some respect and properly tell us what is your problem.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited September 2019
    "It's not funny how old are you 3 ?" -Baybars

    I don't get it. EVERYONE here wants to help you. I mean it when I say it, you are NOT going to find support like this ANYWHERE on Earth, for any product or software or service.

    I understand your frustration, I really do. But try to look at facts:

    This is a message board populated by people who love GSA. We help others because we like doing so, and like learning together about SEO and GSA software and its use. And not just that...programming, innovation, and lots more. It's a fun place. :)

    But if you write "bla bla bla" it isn't going to provide anyone with any useful info that will help you with your situation. Think about that.

    And, Sven is the software creator. He designed all this! It's *his* world. Where else do you find the software designer posting all the time on their own board?!

    Everyone is very busy. That doesn't mean they don't care about you or your issues. It's just that you may have to be a little more patient.  I know your life is moving forward and you have to get answers. Just hang in there and you'll be OK.

    I, for one, am sorry for making you wait. I'll try to get back to you more quickly when I have answers. It's a ***** excuse, but my time management skills need work.

    Just be as detailed as you can and your questions can be answered more easily. :)

    I'd say you're lucky to have found this board and posted here. If I were smarter, I'd listen more carefully to those wiser than myself. I just have  to learn by doing, by making my own errors, it seems.

    Take my advice and be attentive to the experts on here. You'll save lots of time.
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