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Which Type of Proxy Should I Set In SER When Using GSA Proxy Scraper As Proxy Server & Port Scanner?

OK. Let's say I have SER set to have, thus using GSA-PS as a proxy server.

I've read that it doesn't matter which type of proxy SER is set for. I notice when I test this to see if it's communicating with PS, SER willb e set with whatever proxy type the last accessed proxy is.

I asked a bit ago, can't seem to find the thread, re. what is best setting.  I thought was Connect but I'm not sure...??

Also, when using Proxy for Port Scanning, I can also choose the type. The default is Connect. When should this be a SOCKS proxy?



  • SvenSven
    using CONNECT or SOCKS is always the best choice as it would allow other protocols to be used than http/https only.
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  • i don't see how to configure the proxy scraper to use proxies in gsa ser?
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