Low reply rate compared to Sent messages [Problem]

Hello guys,

Does anyone here have a similar problem like me? Recently I submitted to a list of 31k sites successfully, but only got like 600 replies from it which 95 % are automated replies, where is the rest? It's impossible from such a huge site list to get this low reply rate even if the subject was the shittiest in the world.



  • This is normally, because some website no use the auto reply
  • romingson said:
    This is normally, because some website no use the auto reply

    But even so, why so low reply rate from the massive amount of submitted? That's terrible to get 600 replies from 31k submitted messages.
  • looplineloopline autoapprovemarketplace.com
    Because your message went to spam or never made it to the end recipient.  The messages typically pass thru a mail server after leaving the domain you submit on. So at that point spam servers are assessing it just like an email.  So there is the same deliverability issues, at that point, that you would have if sending bulk mail. 

    Ive tested and at only 10,000 messages sent gmail is blocking my message already.  Now there are loads of variables, so thats not a hard fast number or anything, but if you want my guess, I would guess that the vast majority of messages sent go to spam, and your only getting thru to the sites that don't use the big hosting filters like spam hause etc...  and at that point out of those that make it, not all will be opened, less will be read of the ones opened and even less will get a reply. 

    So this is all normal.  Send more messages or send way less and send them very slowly over time. 
  • So, how can we beat the spam filters?
  • Change the message and use spin 
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  • looplineloopline autoapprovemarketplace.com
    Testing. The spam filters are very much aware of spin text and that hasn't worked for me.

    You can't beat them all all the time, but you can change your subject and message and domains regularly.  You can try spin text, perhaps it will work for you. 

    Keep things changing and don't leave footprints.  Its a hard game to be sure.
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  • Hello, @loopling may I know r u open the one project to sent message or different project sent different message?
  • looplineloopline autoapprovemarketplace.com
    I use different projects for different messages, but there isn't a wrong answer there. You can edit a project or create a new one, whatever.  I make as many as I need running at a given time and then just edit them.
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