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The Submit List of Project Gets Verified Slowly

Hi, GSA team,

I notice if I just choose the contextual link engines (include Article, Directory, Forum, Social Network, Social Bookmark, Wiki) for my projects, they will run and get many submit links but these links get verified slowly, although I have used my Ser Link list that gathering by exporting all the verified links from testing projects (running different SER link list from sellers and my scrape). 

Once these projects get 500 submit links and 100 verified links (my List have round 1000 URLs), they will run very slowly. I can run 20 or 30 these projects at the same time but the threads will be 150 only and DPM is 250. Verified links increase slowly as well, it may take 2 or 3 days to verify the links gradually. Some of projects can get 300-450 verified links finally but some of the projects can only get 150-200 verified links at final. 

My question is:

1, May I know if this is normal?
2, Is any method to make these projects verify the submit links faster?
3, And for those projects that get 150-200 verified links at final, is it caused by Email problem that they can't receive the verify emails from the websites? 

Appreciate in advance for your answer.



  • Forget to say, if I run a single project by using my ser link list for 2-3 days, it can get around 550-600 urls and they are all unique domains.

  • This is my Ser engine setting, one project with 5 urls. 

  • These are some finished projects and get verified links range from 140-450 pcs. 
  • If choose the guestbook and comment engine, the DPM can raise to 2000, so VPS has no problem on bandwidth. 
  • Facing this from a long time and still no solution for it
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