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My CB only solved around 30% to 35% catpcha, after few days of running GSA, how to improve it?


On my first day of running GSA, CB seems to have success rate of 60%, but after few days of running it, the success rate drop by half, now only 30% to 35% success rate. 

I am using 100 private proxies, and set to 250 threads in my GSA, average thread it's running is 100. 

I am using SerVerifiedLists.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


  • yc123yc123 Singapore
    Sorry pls ignore my question, I found the answer. 60% success rate is on some article platform only, but when I run may other platforms all together, the success rate dropped. Could be some engines catpcha is hard to break. Please ignore my question in this case. Thank you.
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