Issue - Message successfully sent - Not really sent

Hi there,

i've finally prepared everything for my first campaign, so prior to launch it, obviously i've done some testing and that was a total fail.

So, i've used 3 urls (website i own) with or without question/captcha.

GSA website contact confirms to me that se messages were successfully sent, but it did not. So i've tried all the following in order to test it:

- with captcha breaker/with xevil/without anything
- with proxies / without proxies
- 1 by 1 (semi manually by double clicking on the status, by confirming and indeed the form was correct concerning the details or with xevil/breaker etc)
- launched with admin rights

Each of those tests returned a "success" (100%, not less :D) in the software but that was not.

So i've done it manually, in case of there would be a problem on my side (my websites) => everything works fine and i got the messages.

I have absolutely no clue where the problem comes from, but if someone knows, thanks in advance!


  • drixxdrixx thailand
    in case of here's a screen telling me it's a success
  • SvenSven
    was that with latest version?
  • drixxdrixx thailand
    edited August 2019
    the previous at first then the latest after i updated it. So for most of those tests tha was the latest.
  • SvenSven
    can you send me your website in pm?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    fixed in latest update: A 307 redirect in http protocol was not handled correctly here.
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  • @Sven I am facing same problem. How can I solve this? 
  • SvenSven
    send me the url in pm to debug
  • I have the same 
  • SvenSven
    Same to you @daverawcus... Send me the url.

    I will check once I'm back from vacation. 

  • Accepted Answer
    @drixx @Sven @livecallsnetwork @daverawcus @loopline

    I figured out the problem (my problem at least).

    My "First Name" text field wasn't populating at all. I added:


    I tested on a very simple form of mine that all fields are required similar to:

    First _________ Last________



    I could tell because when I went to manually submit the message, the field wasn't populated. Hit submit, it went to status success and obviously no message... yikes

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  • I don't know why... but it's odd that the last name field populates properly as it has the same syntax as the first name field



    ... I'm going to add

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