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Verification limit not working?

edited March 2013 in Need Help
I've set my verifications to 5 per day, turned it on about an hour ago and it's upto 55 verified... !!!

this for a Tier1 that I just set up.. it says Active (P) but continues to verify and submit... this doesnt happen on any of the other ones, is there something going on here?

My settings are 5 veriffied for every 1440minutes and I havent checked the per URL box.. Please someone assist?

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  • ronron
    Accepted Answer

    Don't do verified per day. Do submissions per day. Too many threads going simultaneously. No way for the program to determine real time how many real links you have built.

    You will get a better feel how to create a proper drip if you use 'submitted per day'. Anything else is not smart. 


  • you know if there are submission made before or by someone else and if gsa finds it
    it becomes verified
  • so should i limit the submissions then? It seemed to work fine for another project though?
  • I feel like I need to stand next to it and pause it every day and unleash when a day has passed for 5-10mins then pause again.. u know?
  • I've found with verified since it doesn't verify as soon a link is submitted when the verification happens it can be more than what you have set. Why it would keep on submitting I do not know but every time I've tried a verified limit I've gone over it. I stick to submissions now.
  • What figure for 'submitted per day' would you suggest? Different for T1, T2 I assume?
  • @Mitch I do what I want to build (probably won't get 100% but what if you do?). Then following some advice I've found here T2 do 10:1 or 20:1.
  • ronron
    Sorry, never saw this. Yeah, I like 10:1 or 20:1 on T2 & T3. Probably 10:1 if it the moneysite is a newer property.
  • edited March 2013
    there is any option to increment daily the submitted one? by example I want to start with 10 submision /day and every day to increase with 10
  • I quit "verified" in my first SER weeks....  I check the % of verified on each tier, and do only submissions.. its also faster: you can set verify time to 1440 minutes and can do a re-verify one a day too
  • Thanks guys all answers helped!
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