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Captcha Sniper integration with GSA Search engine ranker

How to integrate Captcha sniper with GSA Search engine ranker, it just doesn't recognize it, while testing it on SER I get message - Empty reply.


  • SvenSven
    1. consider using some other solution as CS is not really state of the art anymore
    2. when using it with our gsa tools like gsa captcha breaker or pr emulator/proxy scraper, make sure that none of these tools listen on port 80, because that should be used by CS.
    3. I don't know if its still supported by CS, but if possible specify the port other than 80 (e.g. 82) and add a service that is being emulated by CS to SER using the "<something> API with IP"
    4. use<port from CS> as "host" like
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited August 2019
    "1. consider using some other solution as CS is not really state of the art anymore" -Sven

    Sven's GSA-CB (Captcha Breaker)  program works waaaay better. It's updated all the time AND doesn't have weird errors like Catpcha Sniper (CS) did when I was using it.

    It's what I started with because it's cheaper, but in this case, for a little more, you get a lot more. If you already have it, and paid for it,  I guess use it, because it IS better than nothing at all.

    But, consider upgrading when you can. You'll solve more CAPTCHAs, meaning fewer requests to external API-based services, which usually bill on a per-captcha basis.
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  • I have managed to integrate CS with SER, but it was solving captchas with 9% rate. I bought now Captcha Breaker, but I still didn't get the order confirmation email?
  • I got it, great!
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