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Ser Crashing Nonestop.

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Is anyone else seeing this issue?  SER is constantly crashing.   This is not isolated either.  It's crashing on 7 different servers.

I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary other than just running the program.    I've sent quite a few bug reports as well.


  • My cpu going to 100% with just 50 threads. Its a dedicated i7.
  • My GSA is starting to freeze as well.
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    same for me on two pc....
    Only working with 10 or 20 threads....
    C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe
    in case you want to roll back to an even older version which was running stable for you.

  • The problem with this though is I think the issue causing it is the 5.27 update.  how do I roll back further than that?
  • only way I can get SER working correctly again, Was going back to 5.26.  It deff for me at least there is something in 5.27 that is causing a issue and is making my SER crash like crazy.
  • 5.28 is running stable for me. Win7.
  • ronron
    5.28 very stable. Running at 150-200 LPM.
  • Same here. I can run up to 90 threads before it stops responding while in 5.26 I used to be able to run 200 threads no problem.

    I rolled back to 5.27 and have the same problem as above. How did you roll back to 5.26 Hunar?
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    Might have similar issue, happened twice now.  Happened last night and again this AM.  SER showing running at 130 threads but actually doing nothing.  Task manager reports zero activity too.

    Clicked stop on scheduler and it crashes.
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    Yep, I have had frequent crashes (freezes) with 5.28 too.  

    5.29 has been fine for last 5 hrs or so
  • crashes (freezes) 5.29.....
  • 5.29 freezing a lot too
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    As per my other comment...I have it crashing on one VPS, but not others. On that one VPS I have a few tools running. 

    I also noticed on my other VPS's that if I increase thread count, then SER crashes, so I don't think the reduce threads when CPU is insufficient feature is working properly. 

    So I'd guess, it's because there is a spike in usage (either from SER or something else on the VPS) or something happens that uses CPU and the SER crashes. 
  • Just to back up what @alexr said, my last crash (about 15 mins ago) was just as Magic Submitter Scheduler was about to start posting.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im back to running 3.25

    Found very low submission speed, verified dropped right off and projects were not swapping in scheduler mode. One was sat there for over an hour. When it came to stopping ser, I had to use resource manager

    Running the older version, Im back to doing about 1k an hour verified

    Over night I had an almighty 2k

  • Can you upload that version to mediafire?
  • 5.2.7 running okay

    21 lpm

    not freezing though
  • I went back to centos, no I got 2000 LPMs! WHOOT!
  • @thisisalex
    you mean you run SER on centos linux ??
    if yes with wine or how ??
  • +1 interested ....???
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