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Gsa ser target urls disappearing

Been using ser for last 6 years and it used to work very well .

I am doing tier 1 with rankerx or money robot or manual links. then I use ser on tier2. So I expect ser to make atleast 5k-15k atleast in tier 2 which it used to do easily.

I have run ser for a month and got about 1500k verified contextual links from its own engines. So Now I create 40-50 projects. Split add my tier 1 urls in it . and then import the 1500k target urls to all these 50 projects and split to them and expect ser to make atleast 15k links out of it. I am using a powerful vps with 4 cores and using 100 dedicated proxies and working new 2000+ emails. So I have gathered every thing. After running  ser, links start building and I close the vps and wait till next day. Next morning, what I see is that ser has only made 1k-2k links and there are no target urls left. I mean where all the target urls went or how ser was not able to make links on already verified links
I have multiple servers running 24/7 from months and verifying lists. So what makes no sense is that the links that are already recently verified by ser and ser is not able to make links on them. Actually ser is not even getting a chance to make links on them and the target urls are getting disappeared .

Lets suppose urls are having errors like download failed? no form at all? submission failed? are coming but still how come 1.5 Million recently verified links not able to get new 5k links.

Ser starts making links in the start but the next day you open ser and all target urls are gone.
There should be an option here for urls that were skipped or failed or not verified. It might help

I am really worried about what is happening. I hope someone might give me a clue. Thanks


  • This is old ... happening for years :)
  • @Sven Can you help us figure out this?
    @Deeeeeeee mate will love to have your classic views too like you always give on this forum. 
  • SvenSven
    If you think links disappear due to a wrong verification, then please send me these. They are in <project name>.reverify_failed

    I can't really see anything being wrong on this part. I recently checked this.

  • Links are getting submitted in large numbers and then just disappearing. And there is nothing is reverify failed
  • SvenSven
    is that a tier project?
  • SvenSven
    and what kind of verified urls get vanished then? Would be nice if you have something to debug.
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