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Everyone have feel check and sent very slow?

romingsonromingson Puchong
edited August 2019 in GSA Website Contact
Hello, everyone have feel check and sent is slow now? Because I feel is very slow now.


  • I find a lot of "no form at all" when the form is actually there.
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  • Scrape is OK, but check and sent is no OK. Use the one day just sent 3000+ only. Proxy is 10k.
  • looplineloopline

    So post 100 of those, or post them on like paste bin with the log and then put the link here.  Because

    1 - You can go into the engines and files and modify it so those forms work

    2 - Sven works really hard on stuff all the time and he can't improve things if he doesn't know what can be improve with specific examples

    On the whole, Ive got this running on multiple servers with tons of private proxies and its same old same old, everything seems fine. 
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  • Thats why we post here, some things are temporary like a failure..
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