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No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site list enabled, no scheduled posting)

How do I resolve this sympto?
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited August 2019
    What's up, Sweet365?!

    This is one of the error messages you will get if SER EVEN once encounters the issue for a running project.

    So, you can get this message, and then STILL end up posting to new targets, even after the message appears in your log. The error msg indicates this condition was met EVEN ONCE. It does NOT stop the running project from continuing to try.


    To clarify, kind of working backwards, it means your project is actively trying to're not in Verification mode...and there was an issue doing so, but at the level of actually finding/having places to post backlinks/mentions to, not at the level of actually encountering an error in the posting attempt, itself.

    It can be caused by a few different things.  As I understand it, this err msg simply means that there were no more targets, for one reason or another. 

    -You can add a site list for the project. There are a few ways to do this.

    -You can see why you're not finding targets. It could be that you aren't able to successfully scrape a Search Engine you have selected. Your proxies may be blocked (for that particular engine- that doesn't mean you're blocked on ALL SEs you have selected!)

    I don't know if this will also be triggered if you are able to scrape a SE for targets, but there is an issue in that there are no engine matches once a potential target URL to post to, is found. Please, someone with more experience, let us know.

    Also, I am kind of unclear as to why it includes "no scheduled posting" in the msg.
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