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About the "Always use keywords to find target sites" option

Hi Sven,

I need some clarification regarding a function in the "Search Engines to Use" option settings. This about the "Always use keywords to find target sites" option.

Many engines do not use any of your keyword to find new target sites to submit to. They just use general footprints like "Powered by EngineXYZ" in search engines. This however should not be a problem as they allow you to submit the whole content (blog post) or allow mixed content (guestbooks).

While the above is understood, how exact do we know these engines so as to save on resources when using the other keyword additions in the "Options >> Advanced >> Tools >> Search Online for URLs" function where we have the option of adding keywords to the footprints to use for searching.

I believe that knowing which of the Engines do not use keywords will definitely go a long way in saving both time and system when using this functions to search for target sites.



  • SvenSven
    all engines with...
    add keyword to search=1 in script use keywords.
  • My question is more about which of these engines should we not add keywords.

    Or more specifically, do you have a list of the engines that do not need us to add keywords to them when using the "Options >> Advanced >> Tools >> Search Online for URLs".

  • SvenSven
    do a search for "add keyword to search=1" on all ini files, reverse the selection and you have it. Total Commander is your friend here.
  • Thanks a lot Sven. Appreciate a lot.
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