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Using GSA SER with Amazon AWS Free Tier Service

prnichesprniches Lagos
edited August 2019 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Would it be wise to run GSA SER on the Amazon AWS Free Tier Service to see how the service works on VPS before fully opting for a VPS service?

And which of the listed VPS services can I use for a start that is good and cost effective to run GSA SER.

Also, are there any issues when moving your SER from one machine to another? Is there a time delay before activation on a new machine?



  • SvenSven
    I cant answer your first question but as long as you make sure that your license runs on one PC/VPS only at a time, there is no limitation or restriction.
  • So, I can have it on both machines but only one instance should run at a time? I'm correct?
  • SvenSven
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  • Thanks!
  • @prniches
    Its not a good idea to run on AWS free tier
    First, Ser is not going to run properly bcz of low memory
    Secondly AWS donot allow any seo tools usage
  • Thanks AsinNawaz, I witnessed what you are talking about. Thanks for the tip! 
  • google could free :) 
    using 2-4 months
    Have you sanal credi card ? :)
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