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Links getting replaced ?

Hi! Can I use accounts for multiple campaigns ? I have exported account data and if I am going to use it another project so will the earlier links be deleted from the accounts ? I have 10 sets of accounts. I ran a campaign on one set. The links are built. Then I ran another campaign on the same set, so the earlier links were removed. Why is this so ? It was supposed to be a new link on the same account


  • SvenSven
    that can happen if you have accounts from engines like "Joomla K2" which uses the profile to post articles. That means if you submit there again, the previous profile is overwritten with the new one and its new article.
  • @sven I am using contextual engines that use articles only. So does it mean that still Joomla will be a profile link and will be replaced ?
  • I am using these engines only
    So the links will be replaced in this case too ?
  • SvenSven
    yes, some engines submit an article but on your profile page where usually you would place the "about yourself". In that case (joomla k2) it is replaced when submitting again.
  • @Sven can you add a filter for such engines to uncheck such engines on links will get replaced ? I am using the accounts feature from last month and did alot of work but now its all messed up as when I checked that the links are replaced. the accounts usage feature is awesome . Just a request to add this option too so that we can build up blogs and accounts with Multiple posts. Lots of content will add authority to the blogs
  • SvenSven
    will try to add a feature once im done with the back-log-work
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  • @Sven
    Can you please atleast just mention the contextual engines that will replace the links in case of old accounts usage ?
    I know the update can take time but just a request if you can mention the engines here and I will uncheck them manually till update.
    Actually I started this accounts feature in recent two months and since then all my clients work got messed up and now they are yelling at me that I used scam tools that replace links ( which I didnt , Just a mistake ) :( Can you help in this please 
  • SvenSven
    DZOIC Handshakes
    Joomla K2
  • @Sven
    Are these all ? Are wikis fine with it ?
  • SvenSven
    yes, at least if you use Contextual-Article links only...some engines have an article and a profile...that profile might get overwritten then if you are not skipping that in project options.
  • Hi @Sven ! Is the recent update about the request on this post or is it anything else ?
    13.99 - new: improved some engines
          - new: improved re-verification
          - fix: possible bug on overwriting profile links
  • SvenSven
    it is fixing one issue related to this problem yes.
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