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All articles used, add some new!

mikey620mikey620 United States
edited August 2019 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello Sven and guys!

I'm trying to post 100 articles of a specific niche (handwritten articles) to a list of 100 PBN websites using GSA. They are all unique articles and I have the option checked "Do Not Submit 1 Article To More Than 1 Site/Domain or Anywhere".

However, it just won't post all of the articles. It would post like 20% only before it starts showing "All articles used, add some new".

Can anyone here help?

Note: All of these articles are unique
Note: There are no duplicate titles


  • SvenSven
    I guess some of the articles are submitted and waiting to be verified? You can check it while being in project options > article manager > right click on listing > count article usage (or alike caption) 
  • mikey620mikey620 United States
    Hello @Sven, out of the 5 articles and account data (Self hosted Wordpress sites) imported, GSA only posts to 4 sites. And out of the 4 posting, 2 articles are ALWAYS duplicate. I tried clicking on Count Article Usage but that option cannot be clicked.

    Note: The articles I am uploading manually from file are not spintax format. They are proper unique written articles.

    Any idea why GSA is always posting the same content to different sites even though the option "Do Not Submit Same Article To More Than 1 site/domain/anywhere" checked?
  • mikey620mikey620 United States
    P/S: I've run this test over 8 times with each time of only 5 articles with 5 account data import (Self Hosted Wordpress blogs aka PBN)
  • SvenSven
    what you mean with "can not be clicked"? Its not showing any data?
  • mikey620mikey620 United States
    @Sven It's just greyed out. It cannot be clicked. It shows, but I can't click it. 
  • SvenSven
    This should not be grayed out at all unless you don'T have any articles in the list.

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