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All in one or not?

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Are GSA SER all in one tool, or we need to combine with other tools for 1 Tier backlinking?
Some SEO experts mean that GSA SER is not so good for 1 tiers, and that it's needed to combine for example UD or Senuke x... etc.
Is it really needed to invest in other tools, or it's possible to do it successfully only with GSA SER?


  • SvenSven
    Those "Experts" are probably SENuke or UD affiliated ;) Others might have different opinions here but for me as a coder there is nothing else needed as you can get high quality links with SER alone. In the end the PR and contextual links count. Something you get with SER alone.
  • 1 tool SER if you are smart.
  • @zis I believe most "experts" do not recommend GSA SER because there isn't an affiliate program (ie. way for them to make money recommending it).
  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    Some people get soooo caught up on Web 2.0's. Yes, you can buy other software that might do that part better than SER. Mainly because these properties change their login page darn near every day and nobody can keep up with that crap. So if you find somebody that can keep up those type of programming requirements, then more power to them.

    But the real question from an SEO perspective - Is it smart to keep building Tier1's on the same set of 12, 14, 16, 20 - web 2.0 properties? And will it make any difference?

    The answers are: 1) bad idea to keep flashing the same properties for Tier1, and 2) It doesn't matter - you can rank for massive keywords without using web 2.0's.

    All I am saying is - don't get caught up in people parroting the same crap they have heard on some seo forum from another delusional participant.

    I can rank for any phrase without web 2.0's, and you need to start proving it to yourself. Then you will never ask a question like that again. 


  • @saga : yes, somehow in the english-speaking IM or SEO market, everyone tries to "review", promote or market even the worst tools as best as they can........

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