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Malware and Captcha Site Certificate Change When Using GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to notice that I have been having serious issues making use of your software.

My GSA SER is always complaining of Death by Captcha server being down and whenever I try accessing death by Captcha online through their website I always receive errors like the following:

Expires on: Sep 18, 2019
Current date: Jul 20, 2019
PEM encoded chain:

When Avast complains it always complains of an infection involved in a process in GSA SER all the time as can be seen in the several screenshots attached.

As a result, no captchas are solved by deathbycaptcha as their service cannot be accessed through either GSA SER or even if I ping their server.

However, if GSA SER has not been ran for the day and I access everything works fine. When I test my credentials everything is fine. When GSA initially starts working it is ok, but within some few minutes the problem comes up.

In the trial version of GSA Captcha Breaker that I am using I keep getting this error message:

"Death By Captcha: Unable to extract CaptchaID (<html> <body> <p>Unable to complete request. Check credential...."

I have dropped a system already thinking I got infected online from somewhere else. However on a fresh install of Windows 10, the same problem persists.

The thing is that any captcha site listed in your software cannot be accessed once this problem start which makes things look very difficult to understand. Why is it attacking my captcha services - all their certificates get changed and I receive the NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error on virtually all of them.

Please I need help on a way forward.

I just want to get this problem solved and get it to work let everyone else, please!!!


  • prnichesprniches Lagos
    edited October 2019
    I have notice that once I turn off GSA Captcha Breaker, I can access websites such as, and others.

    When I launch GSA Captcha Breaker, Windows 10 will always complain of the problem wanting to make changes to my computer.

    I downloaded all the software directed from the official site which virtually leaves out any chance of me having downloaded an infected file from somewhere else.

    I am really lost here over all these issues. Please can someone help out.
  • SvenSven
    you also emailed me and I was actually asking about usage of captcha tools.

    The certificate issue is really about the GSA Captcha Breaker here. You enable the simulation of certain services and using now the https protocol gives you the error.

    You don't have to enable the simulation of the services, just disable that. It is only required for other programs that ca not use GSA Captcha Breaker directly.
    The other AVAST issues are coming from SER finding targets it wants to submit to. Thats something you will always see as SER picks targets up by search engine parsing.

    You will not get around this. But then again there is nothing to worry as SER does not infect your PC.
    All it does is downloading that site, AVAST sees it is having some malicious code and screams up. SER however will probably not be able to place a link there anyway. Even if it does, it will not infect you.
  • If you want to get real results, turn your AV off!
  • SvenSven
    or better on silent mode
  • Thanks Sven!

    I thought the same way about the Avast stuff but couldn't get my head around the Certificate on time.

    However, now that I understand the situation better, GSA SER is always asking me to GSA Captcha Breaker as an Administrator while I have set GSA Captcha Breaker in the Compatibility properties to be run as an Administrator.

    Even when I manually right click on it and tell it to run as an Administrator, GSA SER still complains and does not send any Captcha to GSA Captcha Breaker.

    Any tips on what to do here?

    Thanks for all the great work!
  • SvenSven
    yes, you need to read the message correctly ;) SER has to be started as admin, not CB.
  • Is it both GSA SER and GSA Captcha Breaker that should be started as an Administrator or just GSA Captcha Breaker?

    And what do you mean by CB?

    Sorry for my stupid questions Sven, I just want to get this thing up and running the best I can. Its been 4-days now that I've been trying on my own to sort things out. But I believe the forum holds all the relevant answers if I but only ask.

    Thanks a million though!
  • prnichesprniches Lagos
    edited July 2019
    I need a solution to get this stuff working.

    I have removed my AV completely at the moment to avoid any possible conflict.

    So, I decided to use DeathbyCaptcha service directly with GSA SER with using GSA Captcha Breaker.

    For the first 5 minutes, it ran ok with a C:54:4. The I start seeing the following in quick succession:

    22:18:50: [-] 127/128 Death By Captcha: Server seems down
    22:18:50: [-] 127/128 captcha error - trying again -
    22:18:50: [+] 127/128 new URL -
    22:18:50: [-] 127/128 captcha service Death By Captcha is not responding/can`t solve
    22:18:50: [-] 127/128 captcha error - trying again -
    22:18:50: [+] 054/128 matches engine Chameleon -
    22:18:50: [+] 054/128 new URL -
    22:18:50: [-] 054/128 Death By Captcha: Server seems down
    22:18:50: [-] 054/128 captcha error - trying again -
    22:18:50: [+] 054/128 new URL -

    When I tried testing my login details again, it always brings up this message:

    Uknown reply: <html> <body> <p> Unable to complete request. Check your account credentials,...

    It normally does this when the when the site Certificate issues comes but this time around now I am simply using it direct and GSA Captcha Breaker is not on.

    Is there a particular service that I need to "kill" in windows to stop this from happening as I don't believe that can be down to often.

    Any help?

    Thanks again.
  • Check your windows date, is it correct? ( i often had cert problems while my date was incorrect)
  • andrzejek said:
    Check your windows date, is it correct? ( i often had cert problems while my date was incorrect)

    I tested all that when I had the problem at first but that was not the issue with the Certificate.

    What Sven said about the Certificate was what was happening as GSA Captcha Breaker was the one inserting the new details due to the its running as a web server. I have stopped the simulate and that Certificate issue no longer comes ups.
  • The issue with DeathbyCaptcha not working in GSA SER has to do with my system inability to communicate with their server.

    When I tried pinging their IP address,, it always times out.

    So, what I do not understand is why does it begin working at first and then suddenly stop with me not being to correctly test the account that was correct some minutes back.

    However, their website still loads perfectly in Chrome.

    I'm seriously losing my head here!
  • SvenSven
    CB = acronym for GSA Captcha Breaker

    You only have to start SER as admin since CB runs as admin by default.

    Add Death-by-Captcha service (actually all of any future service) to SER only as adding it to CB would slow things down.

    The error message you get (<html><body>...) is from DBC as it has blocked access to there service for a while. You can try using the SOCKS api but then you are missing recaptcha solving. You just need to wait a bit till they let you access it again. Usually the blocked you as you send too many captchas or alike. I am really not into it that much.
  • Thanks for the heads-up, Sven.

    Is there any reliable service you can recommend that won't block to this extent.

    Because I am really surprised at that since I see a lot of videos in which people are getting verified submission at high rates... how would such be possible if death-by-captcha does things the way they do?

    I have got both SER and CB working together now.

    Regarding your advice of putting any Captcha service only in SER and not in CB, how would it determine which type of captcha to be handled by CB and which to be handled by the other service?

    Thanks for your help.
  • SvenSven
    other service you can try is which is also solving recaptcha and has good solve rates. A list of all of them with prices is here:
    SER will take the first captcha service from the list and send it there and will try the next service in the list only if there was no proper reply given. Thats why CB has this option to only solve captchas with a certain success rate to give the next service the chance to solve it before giving a false positive (wrong) reply.
  • Thanks again and now I have some peace of mind that I can actually benefit from the brilliant piece of software you have developed!

    I saw the name way around 2012 or so when I was a bit still active in Internet Marketing but at the time had opted for ArticleDemon. Though I left the IM stuff for some time and came back late last year but the whole scenario has changed from what I knew so keeping up as been pretty difficult.

    I was afraid I was going to miss out on the opportunity of using your wonderful tool but thanks for the help, I'm more confident in going forward with GSA SER and your other crop of tools.

    Thanks a million Sven and do wish me well!
  • SvenSven
    Your welcome, though I have to warn you, Im offline for the next two weeks, but I think the community here can help you as well. Or you simply wait till Im back.
  • I've seen that notice already and frankly, was very frightened but now more at peace knowing that the issues have been sorted out to a very large degree.

    Thanks and do have a wonderful "vacation." 
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