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Using Private Proxies with Tier 2 100K+ link verification!!!!

seo_rankerseo_ranker Asia
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I am looking to buy some private proxies i.e around 10 private proxies. I have a question, i will be using these proxies to create Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects. 

Tier 1 projects will submit around 100+ links per day (Article & Web 2.0).
Tier 2 projects will submit around 100K+ links per day (Blog & Forum Comments).

Can i use 10 private proxies with these campaigns number? Is this a safe play or will google penalize the proxies. I will use a verified sitelist for creating tier 2 backlinks.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas

    "Can i use 10 private proxies with these campaigns number? "

    Is it even doable? Or will you have a bottleneck on the 100K posts per day with ten private proxies for posting? 

    Assuming you get ten connection per proxy at once, you would then have 100 connections for posting and verifying at one time.

    In 24 hours, you'd need 100/25 (easier than 24 and works on Mars = 4000 LPH. That works out to 66.6 LPM, no? With verified site lists, is this doable? It doesn't seem so incredible as to be impossible.

    "Is this a safe play or will google penalize the proxies."

    Honestly, I think I've always been told by those that know, that using rotating proxies that pass Google, or using public proxies that (likewise) pass a Google search, should be used, and NOT your private proxies. for scraping.  Privates camn be used for posting and verifying, and maybe email?

    Can someone help me learn what is best practice with regard to email and proxies? Does it matter? Is it better to NOT use proxies?

    So if you don't use your proxies for scraping, does it matter to G at all? I don't know how it would, but I am still learning lots. I would guess no.

    I have some uncertainties about all this, so anyone with sure knowledge that can correct anything able that is off,please let me know what's not accurate.

    Thanks, kindly. :)
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  • Hi Deeeeeeee,

    I really didn't understand what you said. I am sorry,

    I want to know did you answered my question or added a question on my question?
  • @Deeeeeeee
    your posts looks like automated ... sometimes :chuffed:
  • seo_rankerseo_ranker Asia
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    @andrzejek I was reading his comment and scratching my head at the same time.

    Did he used GSA Content Generator for answering my post?  :)

    @andrzejek can help me in the same question i asked?
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
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    it is a good idea, to generate content based on topic, @sven ?^^

    Well i dont know how google penalizes proxies, i dont worry about that. I worry about proxies being blacklisted, blocked, timeouts and this kind of things. Personally i used 10  threads / proxy works fine, but even more threads is fine aswell.
  • Okay, @andrzejek .

    What about creating 100+ Tier 1 link and 100K+ Tier 2 links using those private proxies. 

    I see people creating more than that much links on a daily basis. But do they use private proxies to do that?

    Or can i create tier 1 links with private proxies and tier 2 links using public proxies?

    How can i achieve those number or more?. What do you suggest?  
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited July 2019
    "your posts looks like automated ... sometimes chuffed"

    I'm sorry.  :(   I actually write a reply and then go back and edit a bunch of times (usually--like this one, for instance) to get it right and best say what I am trying to communicate. 

    I assure you I am not automated. haha

    I'd much rather hope my automated posts look real, rather than the other way around!!! :|

    "I really didn't understand what you said."

    Sorry. I did try my best.  :(:(:(

    "I want to know did you answered my question or added a question on my question?"

    I'm sorry, I'm not nearly any kind of expert and I'm both trying to clarify what I don't know, as well as help others with what I thought I knew.

    I should just start a new question in the future when this is the case, instead of messing up the thread.

    There are so many helpful ppl on here already who actually know what they're talking about, I think I'll just post less, and with more care, as I don't want, in any way, to bring down GSA's quality of info on here.

    Sorry, Sven, and everyone else. :(
  • seo_rankerseo_ranker Asia
    edited July 2019

    You don't have to say sorry, we are all here to help each other. Everyone is trying it's best.

    I must be the one thankful to you for giving your time and thought to reply on my post.
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  • I suggest to look at it as doing these things manually. It is a software that does certain things. Computers are stupid, they just count 0 and 1, it is the vision, programmer and the user that is also a programmer using the software. You see the software is stupid aswell... it just does the things that humand told it to do, you must see all the variables (and theres a lot) that are important in order to achieve your results. Test, test, test, fail, fail fail, it is part of what we do.

    Private proxies, public proxies, they all have advantages and disadvantages. For example, with public proxies all your traffic can be monitored by someone who you not know, it may be google, it may be goverment, or me <- analyzing what people do. With private proxies it may be the same. If they are legal entity they answer to goverment so it may be even worse, but its not always the case, beacuse  they might lose the data or they may not track it at all. But in the internet you could always be "hacked" it is hard to prove what you do. In the end it all depends on the people behind it.
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  • Thanks @andrzejek

    @Sven , do you have any suggestions on this topic reqgarding my question?
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