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Engine.ini behaviour

andrzejekandrzejek Polska
edited July 2019 in New Engines/Platforms
I would like to post here all the findings, snippets and strange behaviour of engine.ini:
Maybe Sven can edit the posts marking some of the things as fixed, or explaining the behaviour if needed.
Its hard to keep track of all of this.

"verify submission=2" in "LOGIN_STEP" -> SER won't continue to STEP1 (assuming the submission is done)
"submit failed" and "submit failed retry" matches -> SER will retry the posting (while it should be stopped, beacuse submission failed)
importing accounts into engine without "LOGIN_STEP" cause "no engine matches" 
if you see some strange html replies from proxy in debug, it may be caused by the port the proxy is using ( ive experienced this issue using port 80 on proxies)
negative match (! sign) in "submit failed" "submit success" "modify step condition" "modify url condition" is not working
post data=%file-./_directory/test.xml% works while write file="./_directory/file.txt" "%targeturl%\n" does not (./ current dir sign)
if your posting is too slow (threads decrease) it may be caused by "skip submission if the url/domain is appearing on the blacklist..."


  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited July 2019
    A nice logging mask can be used for future debugging: *success*|*failed*|*unknown*
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