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Negative match in step condition

modify step condition=!inurl:something

This wont work :( It doesnt work in more steps like submit success etc.

There is too much of this stuff and what just happens is me posting a lot, where the engine should behave differently but it is not. I know there wont be much people (expect advanced users) gaining advtanage of these updates and this is starting to be painfull for both of us. Can you please tell me your point of view at this and any ideas for the future? I love this tool, it is amazing but the script engine needs some love. 

What i think could be a great way is something that would allow us use external scripts to tell SER what just happend and what is the next step. I am not sure but the first thing that comes to my mind is the ability to outsource any step / data extraction / to external API or command line tool that will response back with what SER needs to know.

Writing a simple API in Golang (compiles to exe) or Python is really easy.
Writing a proxy where SER sends request, then modyfing the html for the SER to see clear messages may be a way to go also. But in the end we want to use the amazing script engine, beacuse the idea behind is too good to throw it away.

Creating custom extensions could be great also... but protections and inter-process communication may not be that simple, i dont know, i dont have much experience in that field. Maybe if we could create our own .ini commands; a simple file, ex:


Then if the command line answers with 1 = submit was success, 0 = submit was failed.
This does not seems like ideal solution, but its just an idea, maybe we can think of something better, i can think, i can bring better ideas, but it all depends on @Sven

What i know, is; the tool is powerfull and freqently updated, the support is amazing and helpfull, being a part of this is a great feeling and motivates to move forward.

Maybe i didnt figure a way thats already there? I would love to discuss and hear opinions. 


  • SvenSven
    next update will support more of this special condiftions
  • just tried modify step condition with negative httpstatus and it is working, thanks!
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited July 2019
    Confirmed bug:

    This works:
    modify step=4
    modify step condition=!httpstatus:404

    This doesnt:
    modify step=4
    modify step condition=!httpstatus:404|!httpstatus:503

  • SvenSven
    this is not working because its not logical....
    what you want is...
    modify step condition=!httpstatus:404 503

    because the other statement would check like this....

    if (httpstatus!=404) or (httpstatus!=503) do ... <modify step>

    but you want it being AND and than you need to just use a space.

    But try it on next update first as I also found a bug in this.
  • I want to check OR, so... this looks logical for me

    if (httpstatus!=404) or (httpstatus!=503) do ... <modify step>

    If status != 400 or 503 do -> modify step

    1. visit url
    2. status 404 -> modify step
    3. status 503 -> modify step
  • SvenSven
    it will always match one of the two OR's here as it is only having one value.
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